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Our story

ÉrabliTEK’s passion is for maple grove management, which we have unceasingly strived to perfect using optimized equipment and streamlined operational efficiency. Thanks to relentless efforts in implementing, testing and perfecting a range of measures and methods, ÉrabliTEK has become established as the producer of a comprehensive, integrated, and computerized maple grove management system—leading to outstanding business performance. The ÉrabliTEK system is both robust and user-friendly, with a surprisingly short learning curve.

The ÉrabliTEK system, the result of over four years of hard work, has a proven track record.

In fact, it is currently the leading maple grove management system on the market thanks to not only its remote monitoring and control functions, but also the valuable data and statistics it generates in order to measure—and improve—a maple grove’s performance.

It gives us great pride to offer this system to maple producers. They are hard-working people who never cease to inspire us.

Martin Chicoine

A telecommunications expert and ÉrabliTEK manager, Martin designs automated and custom-made telecommunication systems. This talented and visionary entrepreneur has devised the ÉrabliTEK system in collaboration with José Hallée.

1-855-537-2253, ext. 2001

José Hallée

Representing a fifth generation of maple producers at ÉrabliTEK, assistant manager José is an acknowledged expert in optimizing maple grove production. He has a keen interest in fostering the success of maple groves by striking a balance between tradition and modernization.

1-855-537-2253, ext. 3001

Philippe Lafrance

A programmer specialized in data analysis, Philippe was recruited in 2013. This resourceful and creative computer expert and web developer has played an important role in ÉrabliTEK’s expansion.