Management and control interface

The Érablitek interface meets HTML5 standards and provides you with clear and detailed statistics on your maple grove at a glance, in addition to delivering control of pumping stations at your fingertips. Maple grove management has never been easier!

Easy to use

Learning to navigate your way through ÉrabliTEK’s user-friendly management interface only takes a few minutes. The interface highlights the key information you need to manage and control your maple grove and keep things running smoothly.

Easy to access

Managing a maple grove often requires employees to be in different places at different times. With an Internet connection and a mobile device, you can access the ÉrabliTEK system from any location via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer.

Highly informative

To improve a maple grove’s yield, you first need to be able to measure it. The ÉrabliTEK system gives you a precise measurement of your yield using relevant data compiled on a day-to-day basis, complete with comparative analysis charts and revealing statistics. A clear assessment of your grove’s performance in turn allows you to make quick, efficient and ultimately profitable decisions. The ÉrabliTEK system is simply unparalleled in the industry.