The ÉrabliTEK system


Installing the ÉrabliTEK system only requires a few hours! It is then ready for immediate use.

Pumping stations and equipment rooms

Autonomous management modules allow you to monitor and control equipment rooms and pumping stations. The modules are equipped with a surveillance camera and several probes:

  • No-contact basin level probe
  • Extractor pump frequency reading probe
  • Vacuum level probe
  • Water damage probe
  • Temperature and barometric pressure probe

Each module also includes four outlets that allow you to control the vacuum pump and floating pump, among other things. The ÉrabliTEK system can also manage a station in automatic mode.

Multiple functions

ÉrabliTEK is the only maple grove system on the market that combines equipment monitoring and remote control of operations, delivering superior management efficiency around the clock at all times.

Personalized service

The autonomous management modules are not limited to essential probes. Built with the capacity to detect basin levels, temperature, and light intensity—or even to start up equipment—the ÉrabliTEK system can be flawlessly adapted to meet your maple grove’s every need. The sky’s the limit!

Monitoring your sap-collection system

The ÉrabliTEK system is also designed to monitor the sap-collection system. Leak management modules can be installed at the end of main lines and are equipped with a vacuum level and a temperature probe. They monitor the levels of main lines so as to detect the impending freezing of sap in the collection system. What’s more, the modules are wireless, easily detectable thanks to GPS technology, and powered by standard batteries. They work non-stop for a period of at least two years.

All modules can easily be installed by either a team of tappers or ÉrabliTEK employees.