Return on investment

ÉrabliTEK’s management system delivers increased production while substantially lowering labour costs. In fact, using ÉrabliTEK is equivalent to having one or more employees working 24 hours a day in each pumping station!

What cannot be measured cannot be improved.

- Lord Kelvin

Time savings

Experiencing breakages, leaks, interruptions, or other damage? The ÉrabliTEK system warns you immediately when something’s wrong. Because your maple grove is under real-time monitoring, you’ll be able to immediately identify the source of the problem. Issues that used to require a whole team of workers can now quickly be resolved by a single person.

Loss reduction

Maple producers have learned to live with losses that they can’t actually quantify, especially losses in maple water because of freezing in sap-collection systems. Use of the ÉrabliTEK system has revealed that some producers lose a considerable amount of maple water, which has an undeniable impact on the quantity of the syrup they produce.

Whether you’re faced with a broken sealing device, water damage, or freezing in a sap-collection system because of improper levelling of main lines, the ÉrabliTEK system gives you an immediate warning so you can act quickly. Loss reduction is undeniably effective in increasing productivity and earnings.

Practically perfect conditions

The efficiency and profitability of maple groves depends on a host of factors.

The ÉrabliTEK system is revolutionizing the industry by allowing producers to closely monitor and control factors such as breakages, leaks, and frost, to name a few. With the ÉrabliTEK system, producers now have the upper hand–not the other way around.